KS-60 Single Type

Feature of Product
· The upper part of the vacuum chamber is made of a transparent material so that the process can be visually inspected.
· The frame legs and vacuum chamber are made of stainless steel, providing excellent durability without corrosion.
· Proper vacuum time and adhesive time can be obtained with digital control system.
· Perfectly adheres any type of film and is suitable for packaging small quantities of various types due to its fine adherend.
· Does not malfunction even when used in a small space for a long time.
· Automatically controlled by an easy-to-use micro-processor.
· Easy to attach and detach the sealing bar.
· Easy to clean the vacuum chamber because there are no electric wires and parts inside.
· The sealing bar is made by aluminum anodizing.
Product Specification
Model KS-60(600Type) Single Type
Producing Ability(Cycle/min) 1-2
Chamber Standard 615W x 590L x 170H
Machine Size 680W x 745L x 100H
Power Requirements 1Ph 220V 4.5kw
Adhesive side(mm) (600 x 3.2)mm x 2 
Vacuum Lamp 25㎡/h
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Detail Picture
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Sample Picture
* These are samples produced through the product.